author, advisor, moderator and lecturer.


Our society rapidly increases in complexity and so are our organisations. We are in great need for a sustainable leadership in accord with beliefs and values as we experience continuous changes. Liza-Maria Norlin recognized the need for a conversation about leadership. You are invited to join that conversation in her book where you get to meet Principal Pascal Brisson (International English School Sundsvall) and the methodology MBV (Managing by Values). You find the book in Swedish in your bookstores on the 28th of October 2017. As soon as it is translated into English we will let you know.


Do you want to learn more about values? What they are and what they mean to you and your organisation. Are you looking for methods and tools to make you and your leadership completely addicted to values? We highly recommend you to book Liza-Maria Norlin for an advisory talk so you together may find out if she can support you or your organisation according to what you need.


Are you looking for a dedicated and energetic moderator who manages to create a sense of security in the same time as she asks the challenging questions? Liza-Maria Norlin has a great interest for sustainability, leadership and the possibilities arising from digitalization. If you want a moderator for a small or a bigger event then you can easily just send a request through “Contact” on this webpage.


Are you looking for a lecturer who talks about values in depth, in a simple and concrete way? Do you want to understand how values are the core for a sustainable and successful leadership? Liza-Maria Norlin gladly customizes the content to be alined with your organisation and the perspective you find important. She also collaborates with Principal Pascal Brisson (International English School Sundsvall) and professor Simon L. Dolan (President of the Global Future of Work Foundation) if you would like a lecture with an even wider perspective and a greater diversity.

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